1950 SBC annual meeting


SBC History was created by Luke Holmes with the goal of pointing others toward the many digital and print resources that cover Baptist History. By learning from the past we can learn how to better engage the future


SBC History exists to serve as a gathering spot for the multitude of the digital and print resources about Southern Baptist history. Where possible we point to original content and those who create it.


Baptist historian George McBeth says. “What is takes shape out of what was.” By learning about the past we can learn how to best approach the future in order to finish the task of taking the gospel to the nations.


From it’s beginning in 1845 the Southern Baptist Convention has existed to take the gospel to the nations.  Explore the history of the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board

SSClass-Lee Phelps-teacher Ok Indian Bap Assoc-July26-1931
1950 SBC annual meeting


Southern Baptist’s carry out the work of the convention when is not in session.  Learn about some of the ways that work has taken place over the years.


Learn about the history of some of the people who have been involved in the work of the SBC. Some will you know, and some you will never have heard of before. But your life will be blessed learning about these servants of God.

Cherokee Ministers Bible School July 1917

General History

Read about some of the events and ideas that have shaped Southern Baptist history over the decades.  From revival, to pioneers, to general history, all of these stories point towards how God uses His people to accomplish His purpose.