SBC History Podcast, Episode 10 History of the LifeWay and the Sunday School Board

LifeWay started in 1891, under the name “The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention” under the leadership of JM Frost. It kept that name for over 100 years, and many many people still remember it.  It was established after the 1891 annual meeting in Birmingham. Since that time the SSB of the SBC served as a steady rock through many ups and downs of economies, leadership, and politics. Take a listen and learn about the great history of LifeWay and how we got to where we are today.

Resources to explore more about the history of the Sunday School Board and LifeWay

History of LifeWay Christian Resources

The Sunday School Board – It’s History and Work by JM Frost

LifeWay Legacy by Jimmy Draper

LifeWay and World Events Timeline

SBC History Podcast, Episode 9: Women in Southern Baptist History

Any body who has paid any amount of attention to baptist life would know the prominent role that women have played in our churches and institutions. Our two most prominent offerings are named after women, Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong.  In fact, those two women have done as much or more for missions awareness and education than any person in SBC history.

In this Episode of the SBC History Podcast we cover the many and varied ways that women have been involved in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention. Listen and learn at the great legacy we have of women leaders in the SBC.

Resources mentioned in the podcast.

Women and SBC 100 years of extraordinary input

Women in Baptist Life – Leon McBeth

SBC History Podcast, Episode 8 Ray Rhodes, Author of Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon

Almost without a doubt you have heard of Charles Spurgeon.  The Baptist preacher from London was a celebrity in his day and remained so since. But what do you know about the woman he married?  In his new book Ray Rhodes writes about Susannah Spurgeon, the wife of the famous pastor.  He pulls from the pages of history to write a book that shows her background that shaped her and allowed her to be a wife to the most famous pastor in the world. Listen as Ray talks about why he chose to write about Susie, and what she can teach us as Southern Baptists.

Susie Spurgeon 

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SBC History Podcast, Episode 7 Lottie Moon

If I say the two words “Christmas and Baptist” what comes to mind?

Only one answer: Lottie Moon

If you have ever been in a baptist church around Christmas time, you have heard the name of Lottie Moon. Each year Southern Baptists take up a missions offering in her name, with 100% of the money going directly overseas to support missionaries and their work across the globe.  We all have heard of her, but this week in the podcast we learn a little more about the giant of missions.


Here are several links to help you get started reading more about the life of Lottie Moon.

David Platt: The Long Shadow of a tiny missionary giant

IMB: Who was Lottie Moon?

WMU:  Lottie Moon Resources

IMB Missions Archives




SBC History Podcast, Episode 6 EY Mullins, Reluctant Evangelical

This time on the podcast we are studying EY Mullins.   This month marks the 90th anniversary of his death, November 23rd to be exact.  I think it’s important that we know about these men and women who have gone before us in Baptist life. EY Mullins had a large impact on Southern Baptist life, one that can still be felt today.

The short bio of EY Mullins is that he was a professor and then President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was also president of the SBC and Baptist World Alliance, & was the principal framer of the 1925 Baptist Faith and Message. That’s the TLDR bio, but there is lot more to his life than that.

You can’t understand the history of the doctrinal divides in the SBC over the last 100 years without understanding EY Mullins.

Below are few resources for you to learn more about this great Baptist theologian.

Al Mohler on Mullin’s Axiom of Religion

Trevin Wax: Why EY Mullins is essential to understanding Southern Baptist’s

Thomas Nettles:  EY Mullins, Reluctant Evangelical



SBC History Podcast, Episode 5 Interview with Amy Whitfield

This week we got a chance to sit down with Amy Whitfield, co-host of the SBC This Week Podcast.  Amy is also the Director of Marketing and Communications at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and since 2016 has served as Assistant Parliamentarian to the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. We discussed how she became a parliamentarian, how she deals with the harder parts of SBC history, and what she sees for the future of the SBC.

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Famous Sermons: Payday Someday by RG Lee

Over the history of the Southern Baptist Convention there have been many gifted preachers. Those men have been used by God to provide timely and prophetic sermons that have guided, shaped, and corrected the course of individuals, churches, and the SBC. In this series we will look at some of those sermons. Even though most of these men will be dead, the message that they preached lives on because of the truth of the ever living Word of God.

RG Lee was the pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis from 1927-1960. (!)  He served as President of the SBC, and was called “a veritable paragon of excellence in the preparation and delivery of sermons” by WA Criswell.

His most famous sermon is Payday Someday. He is said to have preached it over 1200 times across the SBC.  Take the time to watch it below or read it here.

Did God mean what He said, Or was He playing a prank on royalty? Did pay-day come? “Pay-day—Someday” is written in the constitution of God’s universe. The retributive providence of God is a reality as certainly as the laws of gravitation are a reality. And to Ahab and Jezebel, pay-day came as certainly as night follows day, because sin carries in itself the seed of its own fatal penalty.


SBC History Podcast, Episode 4 A Short History of Race and the SBC

The story of racial relations within the SBC is a long and varied one. In this episode we try to cover the good and the bad of that history, and to show the role the SBC played in racial reconciliation among Baptists in the USA.  We highlight some of the pioneers in Baptist history and those who stood for the truth of the value of all people in God’s eyes.  We also point you to some more resources where you can learn more about Black Baptists within and without the SBC.

SBC History Podcast, Episode 3 The Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention

If you are reading this, you probably know that at the 2018 Dallas Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, there will be a vote for a new president of the SBC. This year, Ken Hemphill and JD Greear are the announced candidates for the office of President of the SBC.

So as we come up to that date, we thought we would dig a little into the history of the office of President of the SBC. Who has been president in the past, who can be president, and why does it matter?

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SBC History Podcast, Episode 2 The Annual Meeting

In just a few days Southern Baptists from across America will gather in Dallas for the annual SBC Meeting.  In todays episode we go back and look at the first meeting of the SBC in 1845, and at some significant events since then.

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