SBC History Podcast, Episode 6 EY Mullins, Reluctant Evangelical

This time on the podcast we are studying EY Mullins.   This month marks the 90th anniversary of his death, November 23rd to be exact.  I think it’s important that we know about these men and women who have gone before us in Baptist life. EY Mullins had a large impact on Southern Baptist life, one that can still be felt today.

The short bio of EY Mullins is that he was a professor and then President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was also president of the SBC and Baptist World Alliance, & was the principal framer of the 1925 Baptist Faith and Message. That’s the TLDR bio, but there is lot more to his life than that.

You can’t understand the history of the doctrinal divides in the SBC over the last 100 years without understanding EY Mullins.

Below are few resources for you to learn more about this great Baptist theologian.

Al Mohler on Mullin’s Axiom of Religion

Trevin Wax: Why EY Mullins is essential to understanding Southern Baptist’s

Thomas Nettles:  EY Mullins, Reluctant Evangelical



One thought on “SBC History Podcast, Episode 6 EY Mullins, Reluctant Evangelical”

  1. I do like what Mullins said about scripture an experience.

    Experience would ever go astray without the ever present corrective influence of the Scriptures and the authority of the Scriptures would never become for us a valid and transforming reality apart from the working of God’s redeeming grace in us,
    Page 23 The Christian religion in doctrinal expression

    Mullins also said
    “We record again our unwavering adherent to the supernatural elements in the Christian religion. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself through man moved by the Holy Spirit and is our sufficient, certain, and authoritative guide in religion. Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit. He was the Divine and eternal Son of God. He wrought miracles, healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead. He died as the vicarious atoning Savior of the world and was buried. He arose again from the dead. The tomb was empty of its content. In His risen body he appeared many times to his disciples. He ascended to the right hand of the father. He will come again in person, the same Jesus who ascended from the mount of olives.”
    E.Y. Mullins (from his opening address at the 1922 S.B.C) “Science and Religion “

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