SBC History Podcast – Baker James Cauthen

Today we are featuring more old audio, this time from Dr. Baker James Cauthen. He was the president of the Foreign Mission Board, now the IMB, from 1954-1979. Under his leadership the number of missionaries on the field grew from 908 to nearly 3,000 and they reached more than sixty more countries than before. Addtionally, the budget increased from  $6.7 million in 1954 to $76.7 million in 1979.

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This audio is from when he spoke at Falls Creek Baptist Assembly in Oklahoma, on August 5 1969. This is part of the broadcast that went out over the radio, hence the short introduction. Falls Creek is the largest youth camp in the world and one of the leading places that missionaries with IMB first experience a call to ministry. Listen to his word he titled “Don’t Forget,” from the Gospel of Matthew.